Today, I thought about the year. I always have goals: exercise, family, learning, saving money. Every year, it’s the same. We set goals. Many times, we miss them. Even with a plan, it’s hard.

This year is different. Instead of just goals, I think about how to reach them. I’m looking at systems. In my job as a Software Engineer, systems matter. But systems are everywhere - in work, in life, in our daily habits. They help us without us even knowing.

This year, I’ll use systems in my life. Here’s what I’ve learned about good systems:

  • You can see if they work.
  • They use feedback to get better.
  • You can make them better easily.

Using these ideas, I’m building my own systems. Planning beats willpower. Here’s my starting point:

  • Systems should stop bad choices. It’s hard to always choose right. A good system helps.
  • Be ready for hard times. If you have a plan, tough times are easier. Save money. Don’t waste.
  • Use systems to learn. Learning is hard with a busy life. A simple system helps. Read a page a day. Study for 30 minutes. Keep it simple.